Titec h bar

These handlebars are made with the single speeder in min and their swept back design is quite a departure from the typical riser bar found on most mountain bikes. Both of these handlebars are quite unconventional, the most notable attributes being the radical rearward sweep and the extensions off the front of the bars. While standard mountain bike bars really only have one hand . These bars may look unconventional but the bottom line is that they flat out provide better handling and more comfort than a traditional bar. Better hand and body positions ensure more power, comfort and control.

They come in titanium, carbon and aluminium versions.

All H – bars are for a 31. Rider, Certified Bikeman Product Tester. Oregonian Jeff Jonesrsquo;s fabled titanium H – Bar is renowned as much for its unusual looks as its superlative comfort. Right now my Surly Big Dummy and Surly Pugsley are rocking H-bars. Titecrsquo;s more.

Can anyone post pictures of the (from above), or does anyone know the actual. The Loop bar fixes this. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders.

Inch x 660-mm) at Amazon. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Jones is the only manufacturer of the closed loop H – bar.

After nearly a year of searching for a cheaper alternative I finally just bit the bullet and ordered the bar from Jones. It would have been better if I. You can probably still find . This is the riser version of the J- bar. I bought these to replace another set that was really ol but the bike ended up getting stolen and they never made the.

Recently some new handlebar shapes are starting to gain popularity due to the rise of bikepacking, trekking bikes and wanting comfort over long distance whilst riding on a range of terrains. An example of one of these bars is the Jones H-Bar and the J-Bar. Anyone use these on their ride? Anybody ever put bar end shifters on an h-bar?

Do they fit in the ends? My GF has a stock Surly LHT. Shifters would be Shimano bar -cons mounted to Paul Thumbies, and levers would probably be Avid v-brake jobbies. Interessanter Ansatz aber im Original doch sehr stark im Luxusbereich.

Liegt in Europa so bei Euro. There is a pair of controltech bar end extensions fitted which allows your brake levers to be mounted behind the weld instead of in front so the horns remain uncluttered.

Good condition, tape is pretty much new. Width 700mm Clamp 25.