Geschäftsführer Dipl. FH) Jörg Eisenlohr Marie- Curie-Str. Impressum plasma technology. Herrenberg-Gültstein, Germany.

Matter changes its state when energy is supplied to it: solids becomes liqui and liquids becomes gaseous.

If even more energy is supplied to a gas, it is ionized and goes into the energy-rich plasma state, the fourth state of matter. Welcome to PLASMAtech. PLASMAtech supplies surface treatment services and equipment based on low pressure microwave plasma and parylene coating technology. We specialize in the most challenging PECVD coating and surface treatment applications and if one of our proprietary processes doesn’t meet . Plasma was first discovered by . These various techniques . PTS specialize in modification of polymers.

Processes include surface cleaning, adhesion enhancement, surface functionalization, PECV crosslinking and grafting of molecules.

Facilities include RD . Die plasma technology GmbH ist Spezialist für anspruchsvolle. Our global Oi Service team is backed by regional offices, offering rapid support wherever you are in the world. Dies spiegelt sich u. Aufgrund ihres breiten Anwendungspotentials in den . Das Team umfasst aktuell Mitarbeiter, die langjähriges un auf vielen Gebieten der . What is low-pressure plasma? The gentle power of the fourth aggregate state.

Generally, soli liquid and gaseous aggregate states are known. However, there is another state – the plasma. The influence of plasma technology has penetrated almost every aspect of human activity during the last few years.

Some of the different areas of plasma technology , applications and areas of operation are shown in Table 1. Despite the widespread use of many of the applications, the subject of plasma has developed a . PTI is a market focused and directed Surface Engineering Company operating at all levels to provide high value added services to a very diverse customer base. Approved or Qualified to apply Surface Engineering solutions by over one hundred of the largest industrial concerns in the world. Most of the participants were enthused by the rapidly increasing needs of plasma applications in the area of nanoscale etching and patterning, . This review provides a critical summary of the studies pertinent to decontamination of meat and meat products using cold plasma technology along with a summary of the mechanisms involved.

In addition, the review also discusses the effects of cold plasma on quality of meat and meat products, highlights some emerging .