Mil a 8625 type 2 class 1

If copy and background color are added to photosensitive nameplates, silver compounds or dyes shall be used. Unprocessed photosensitive aluminum shall be classified as class 1. Nameplates made from photosensitive aluminum shall be . For any other alloys, contact SAF management. Dichromate seal has the same .

Nearly all of these proprietary. Types IC and IIB are used for . Chromic acid anodlzlng, Iow voltage process, ~2V,. Class : Specifies that there will be no dye applied to the finished part. Class 2: Specifies that there will be a dye applied to the finished part. Otherwise you could get coating thicknesses that are inconsistent.

Note that the Type II anodize with minimum 0. CLEAR COAT ALL PARTS AFTER ANODIZE.

We sent our parts to a reputable plater and they did the black anodize and then they put a lacquer clear coat on top. Sulfuric acid anodizing, conventionalcoatings produced from sulfurlc acid bath (see .2). Non-dyed (see .) Class 2. DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Delete and substitute: “c.

In addition to the requirements in a and b above, types I and IB test specimens that. Sulfuric Acid Anodize Natural Anodize Color Anodize Type II Commercial Anodize Sulfuric Anodize Rack Anodize Characteristics: . ANODIC COATINGS FOR ALUMINUM AND ALUMINUM ALLOYS. This specification is approved for use by all Departments.

Type III – Hard Anodic Coatings (see .3). The issue with this incorrect call-out is the class number and color. Type I and IB coatings (see . and . ). This contradicts the “blue” color that is called out. All Class specifications need to be clear color.

Arrow Cryogenics offers aluminum hard coat anodizing (Type III) at our state-of- the-art facility in Blaine, Minnesota. We also provide standard aluminum anodizing ( Type II ) . Die Deckungsrückstellungen für Einzelkapitalversicherungen wurden mit einem rechnungsmäßigen Zinssatz von Prozent, Prozent, ,Prozent und , Prozent mit einem Zillmersatz von und Promille der Versicherungssumme (je nach Tarifwerk) und Sterbewahrscheinlichkeiten gemäß der Sterbetafel DAV .