Dynamic recrystallization

Dynamic recrystallization (DRX) is a type of recrystallization process, found within the fields of metallurgy and geology. In dynamic recrystallization , as opposed to static recrystallization, the nucleation and growth of new grains occurs during deformation rather than afterwards as part of a separate heat treatment. Geometric Dynamic Recrystallization (GDR) is a recrystallization mechanism that has been proposed to occur in several alloys, particularly aluminium, at high temperatures and low strain rates.

It is a variant of dynamic recrystallization. During the conventional .

Three types of dynamic recrystallization processes occurring during hot deformation are reviewed. Physically based numerical models for all the three dynamic recrystallization process are reviewed. Abstract: A series of thermodynamics experiments were used to optimize the hot forging process of 20SiMn low-carbon alloy steel.

A dynamic recrystallization and grain growth model was developed for the 20SiMn steel for common production conditions of heavy forgings by doing a nonlinear curve fit of the experiment. Characterization for Dynamic Recrystallization Kinetics. Based on Stress-Strain Curves.

Most metals and alloys have become increasingly important in a variety of applications. Due to the growing importance of hot deformation in .

It can strongly influence mechanical properties and the development of mi- crostructure. In this paper, we review existing work on dynamic recrystallization of minerals and mineral analogs. We examine the main driving forces and the processes operating on the grain scale as well as on the scale of . It is usually admitted that DRX from the large temperatures that develop in the band along with very high local strains. This paper reports the observation of dynamically recrystallized . The most important of . Grain refinement takes place by operation of dynamic. At high strain rates, deformation processes are essentially adiabatic and if the plastic work is large enough dynamic recrystallization can occur.

EBSD investigations, along . In materials such as aluminum and pure iron, recovery occurs readily and this . To realize this purpose, samples were machined under different cutting speeds and material feed rates at two extreme levels. Microscopy imaging reveals that activation of dynamic recrystallization or grain growth . It is proposed that this microstructure develops by dynamic recrystallization , which is enabled by the adiabatic temperature rise. By shock-load- ing the material, and . In the present study, dynamic recrystallization (DRX) of IN7superalloy was modeled based on the experimental data as well as modified cellular automaton (CA) methods. To verify the ability of the presented models for predicting the microstructural features, the electron backscattered diffraction .

Development of a Model for Dynamic Recrystallization Consistent with the Second Derivative Criterion. Imran M(1), Kühbach M(2), Roters F(3), Bambach M( 4). Author information: (1)Chair of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Brandenburg . A mean field model of dynamic and post- dynamic recrystallization predicting kinetics, grain size and flow stress.

Dynamic REcrystallization of Anisotropic Materials Toward a better understanding of the fundamental aspect of nucleation and grain boundary migration during dynamic recrystallization , and their account into modeling approach of variable complexity, able to take into account and predict the dislocation fields and its . GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. DYNAMIC RECRYSTALLIZATION. DURING HIGH-TEMPERATURE.

Shun-ichiro Karato Mitsuhiro Toriumi and Toshitsugu Fujii 3. Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo,. This Special Issue of Metals deals with all aspects of the dynamic recrystallization of metals and alloys. A better understanding of dynamic recrystallization phenomena . Abstract: A Monte Carlo model for dynamic recrystallization has been developed from earlier models used to simulate static recrystallization and grain growth.

Microstructural simulation of dynamic recrystallization.