Diener plasma

Es gibt keine Probleme, sondern lediglich Herausforderungen und mögliche Lösungen, die diskutiert werden müssen. Unsere Kunden liegen uns am Herzen. Ob Beratung und Service, die bei uns sehr groß geschrieben werden, Kauf, . Diener plasma systems are engineered and built in Germany. They are pioneers in plasma technology and most important is the commitment to help their customers.

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Standard plasma system Femto – version A The FEMTO plasma cleaner are available in many different. Senden Sie uns eine E-Mail mit Ihrem Mailprogramm an. Aussteller als Favorit speichern. ALS FAVORIT SPEICHERN . Precision engineering. Semiconductor technology.

Electrical engineering. Elastomer technology.

It is used primariliy for removing organic materials in an Oxygen plasma , such as photoresist. It is an effective technique for cleaning up the residues of photoresist that remain after the Photolithography and develop processes before samples move on to subsequent stages. Dynamik komplexer Fluide. Specialising in plasma surface technology, Cleaning Activation, Coating and Etching. Plasma Surface Technology.

Power range is from mA- 100mA. Its ease of use and somewhat large chamber makes it ideal for treating TEM grids or cleaning . In general several applications are possible with plasma technology. Among these are cleaning, activation of materials, etching and sterilization.

Be sure you are familiar with how the plasma system works and what effects it has on your samples! Vereinbaren Sie Termine und planen Sie. Diener electronic stellt auf der HANNOVER MESSE vom 24.

Diener is an innovative company in the field of plasma technology low-pressure plasma systems, plasma HF generators and atmospheric plasma. Varying the process parameters such as pressure, power, process time, gas flow and gas composition changes the operating characteristics of the plasma and the etching process. Kunststoffe, Glas, Keramik, Metall,. The plasma technology provides several varieties for surface treatment.

Some of the applications are cleaning of contaminated devices, plasma activation of plastic parts, etching of PTFE, silicon and coating of layers similar to PTFE.

That is why this plasma technology is used for various applications, where materials have to . Microwave plasma is ideal for most resist removal in modern device fabrication because it produces a very high concentration of chemically active .