Cathodic dip coating

CDC ( cathodic dip coating ), also known as cataphoretic dip painting is an electrochemical paint deposit process. Tools are immersed in an aqueous paint that conducts electricity, and a charge field is applied. The paint coating is then fired at approximately 2°C. A highly uniform, closed organic paint surface is formed.

Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung für cathodic dip coating im Online-Wörterbuch dict. A direct current field is applied between the material and a counter electrode.

Since materials of different charges attract one another, a closed paint film with excellent adhesive properties is . This method is well-suited for automated coating and is very eco-friendly, since water is the solvent predominately used today. In addition, all types of paint can be applied to . CDP stands for cathodic dip painting and is also called cataphoresis. It is an electrochemical process in which the workpieces or bodies-in-white are coated in a dip bath. This process is particularly suited for painting complex structures and high quantities.

CDP is a standardised process in the automotive industry for . The result is a highly uniform coating of constant thickness and optimal surface quality on metal surfaces and in cavities. The essential properties at a glance.

Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit dip coating – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Electro-dip coating is a modern efficient painting process and is extensively used industrially for the coating of car bodies in the automobile industry, for vehicle accessories, for agricultural machinery, radiators and household equipment. In electro-dip coating the component being . Cathodic Dip Coating Process.

Tauchlackierung von Fahrzeugkarosserien bei Audi in Mexiko im Einsatz. Dip coating is an industrial coating process which is use for example, to manufacture bulk products such as coated fabrics and condoms and specialized coatings for example in the biomedical field. Dip coating is also commonly used in academic research, where many chemical and nanomaterial engineering research . Wherever corrosion protection by way of surface treatment is concerne cathodic electrophoretic dip coating , is the procedure which is used the most.

Electropainting is a painting process which is extensively used in industry and is also know as e-caoting electrophoretic coating , cathodic dip painting and KTL. As the name suggests, this process is based on a combination of different surface treatments, with corresponding. In terms of corrosion protection, quality, cost and environmental factors cathodic dip – coating is hard to beat, as it provides a coating which guarantees effective long-term protection against corrosion . Our cathodic dip – paint lacquering (KTL-coating) serves decorative aspects as well as a more effective corrosion-resistance of work pieces.

A subsequent top coat with powder paint, water-based paint and conventional painting systems is possible without any problems. KTL ( cathodic dip painting). Would you like to prime your metal products?

With our KTL coating system, we offer you the advantages of surface finishing, which has long been specified in the automotive industry for all automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. Take advantage of the following . Many translated example sentences containing cathodic dip coating – Greek- English dictionary and search engine for Greek translations.